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Good Evans Consulting does not offer unrealistic change or hollow goals. Our aim is to provide a centered approach which involves understanding, working through and achieving your goals and developing relationships, that will help you navigate your life and assist empowering you through life and achieving goals.

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Our hypnosis and coaching sessions are now available online as well as through our new premises at

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After creating a number of programs and helping many men and women with their mental health and wellness. You can now follow Good Evans articles on all things motivation, wellness and strategies to create inner resilience.

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At Good Evans we believe in functions, positive and life changing development to further your goals, lifestyle and more. Contact us today to find out more about our many programs and step by step guides to help you.

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Trustworthy, Approachable, Compassionate, these are three things that I not only practice but believe in. I have a deep experience of the human existence and understand how challenging it can be through my own journey. Experiencing the unknown and not knowing where to turn has given me a deep empathy for all the emotions and experiences of life and sometimes having someone to talk helps to get you through a situation or resolve thoughts.

That’s why Good Evans Consulting provide not only a professional consulting and life coaching service but also a way forward for you and your understanding of life. I take the time to understand your problems and thoughts and engage with you in a one to one environment. Privacy and assurance are so important with my work and your time with me will make the world clearer and your goals within reach.

Experienced and Professional

Following the creation of the “Bullyproof Strategist” and an online program to assist people dealing with harassment in the work place. The group has now grown to assist men and women who are 40+ work through and develop resilience to workplace harassment and bullying through our program and key steps to self resilience and confidence.


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